Modern Chinese cloisonne is a decorative art, hand-applied via a five step process: First, copper sheet is hammered to the shape of the object, such as a cloisonne vase, plate or bowl. Then pure copper or silver wire is bent into shapes that define the colored areas. The wires are soldered or glued to the copper body. The cloisonne wire pattern may consist of several intricately constructed wire patterns that fit together into a larger design. Then the artisans apply enamel to the compartments separated by the filigree. Then, the enameled copper ware is fired, polished, and dipped in gold or silver to gild it.

white slender cloisonne vase birds plum blossoms Dragon is one of the most favored subjects for Chinese cloisonne wares. In today's market, you can find all sorts of cloisonne dragon vase, cloisonne dragon plate and bowl, even cloisonne dragon pins. The reason behind this is that dragon is the beloved symbol of China, the symbol of power, energy and high spirit.

Our Chinese cloisonne products are designed and made by highly skilled cloisonne artisans with at least 15 years of experience in the trade. Look at our 12 inch cloisonne vase with two shrikes - see how the wires are laid fluently and how the enamels gradually change from one color to the other?

The surface of the cloisonne vase was so tenderly polished that you can't tell any trace of sanding. This kind of Chinese cloisonne craftsmanship is highly valued in China and very hard to find. We have made it our mission to find and work with the best cloisonne manufacturers in China to bring the best Chinese cloisonne wares to our western customers.

In addition to our 12 inch cloisonne vase, we also carry vases decorated with colorful peonies, plums, and towering, mighty blue dragon. You can also shop for finely crafted cloisonne chopsticks - an elegant addition to any Chinese style dinner table. Or, if you prefer lovely decorative art, look at our high-gloss cloisonne plates adorned with luscious greenery and delicate, strong pale pink peonies.

We also carry adornments for women - bold red or sky blue cloisonne powder boxes and cloisonne bracelets embellished with cherry blossoms - the perfect compliment to the graceful tenderness of a lady's wrist.

All our cloisonne products are marked with shipping weight. Feel free to click on "More Views" button to see the items in closeup gallery photos. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email with any questions. We'll have our customer support representatives who are highly knowledgeable with Chinese cloisonne to address your questions.

We offer a bonus gift, such as a cloisonne enameled powder box, or a cloisonne enameled Christmas bell with any order over $39.99.

Picture your livings room in a cozy winter afternoon with one of our fine cloisonne vases reflecting the flames from your fire place. Wouldn't it be good to be a proud owner of a fine Chinese cloisonne vase?