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My Crystal Bridge

August 30, 2009

Inline ImageMy crystal bridge Asian arts and crafts online store opens grandly for business in August 2009.

We are a global business based in New Jersey, USA and Beijing China.  We specialize in selling recently manufactured cloisonné vase, display plates, trinket boxes, cinnabar lacquer wares, inside painting snuff bottles and crystal minerals, etc.

These products are made in China, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries. Read More »

Introduction to cloisonne

Cloisonne is an art object consisting cells filled with colored enamels. These objects are usually in the forms of vases, bowls, display plates, trinket boxes, bracelets, etc.

Cloisonne originated in the 13th century in the middle east region. It was propagated through the silk road to China and Japan.  Cloisonne wares were well liked by the Chinese royal families and penetrated its roots deeply in Chinese culture.

Cloisonne comes from the French word cloison, which means cell. It received this name when it was commonly used in the medieval times.

Beijing has a long history of producing cloisonné wares since the Ming dynasty (14th century) and flourished during Jing Tai reign. Since most of the cloisonné produced at this time was in blue color, the cloisonne in China received its name as Jing Tai Blue.

The cloisonné products we carry are made in Beijing, China and its vicinities. Read More »

Introduction to cinnabar lacquer

Inline ImageCinnabar lacquer is a traditional form of art in China.

These objects are usually in the forms of vases, display plates, trinket boxes, bracelets, etc.

The striking bright right color of these lacquer wares come from mineral cinnabar mixed with transparent lacquer.

The process of making cinnabar lacquer wares is pains taking. First, the body of the object is shaped from wood. Then thick layers of red or black lacquer are pained over the body. Each layer has to dry before another layer come be added, which can take up to months.

Once the lacquer dries, low to medium relieves are hand carved onto the body. The relieves are usually motifs or designs from Chinese history and culture, such as dragons, phoenix, clouds, flowers and religion symbols. Read More »


In This Issue

Also This Month

New cloisonné floral design vase has arrived

We recently added to our inventory several new cloisonné vases with floral patterned designs, Read More »

New crystal minerals obtained and arrived to our store

We have added this month a strikingly clear crystal mined in ShanXi province in China, Read More »

Added inside painting snuff bottles

China has been producing inside painting glass snuff bottle since the Qing dynasty(16th century). These bottles are reverse painted  on the inside of the glass wall, Read More »


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