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Description: diameter- 5.5 inch, height- 3 inch, weight- 13.4 oz. This beautiful trinket box is made from authentic lacquer mixed with cinnabar pigments. The body of the box is made of wood. Then layers after layers of cinnabar lacquer were applied to the body. Each coating had to wait until the previous one dried. Once the lacquer hardened, skilled artisans drew the designs onto the lacquer and hand carved the lacquer using knives and chisels. The finished box bears a faint smell of lacquer.

If you look closely on the surface of the design, you can notice a lot of darker brownish red contour lines as you may find on a topographic map. These contour lines were formed by polishing the different layers of dried lacquer. This is actually one way of identifying authentic lacquers from cast lacquerwares.

The design on the cover is the Chinese character of longevity surrounded by five bats. The word bat sounds the same in Mandarin as properity and five bats symbolize extreme happiness and prosperity. This cinnabar box can be used as storage for your precious jewelries or other personal items that have intricate values to you.