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March 31, 2010


Chinese Furniture Market is HOT!


Unlike the housing market in America and the rest of the world, the Chinese housing market has exploded in recent years.  The people of China are wealthier and have a higher quality of life than ever before.  Chinese furniture is some of the best made in the world, and the Chinese are decorating their homes and suites in a Modern Classical style.  Check out some photographs, so can see what I mean here:


In ancient China, everything was done at knee level because Chinese did not sit on Western style chairs—they sat or knelt on straw mats.  Indeed, early paintings of the Chinese masters like Kung Fu Tse, Lao Tse and others show them either standing or sitting on mats. 


Western style furniture came with the Europeans—the Italians via the Silk Road-- and via the Mongols and Turks and the Islamic Calpihates who traded with China  in the 1200s (approximately).


Chinese began to apply their uniquely Asian ideas to furniture crafting, and the furniture that they built fit in nicely with ideas of Chinese interior design—simplicity, attractive of good energy (chi), non-ostentatiousness. 


Classical Modern Chinese furniture was simple and clean, elegantly understated, and often accented with the kinds of things we sell here at




So a table like this one:  might have a cloisonne vase on it, like one of these: .  A woman's vanity might have a trinket or jewelry box on it like something on this page: . 




Sometimes the Chinese had something similar to a hutch like this —on which they might display cloisonne or cinnabar plates, like this , this  or this  



Chinese diet, health and beryl crystals


Asians eat far less meat than Westerners.  Even dishes that are considered “meat dishes” have far less beef or chicken in them than do American meat dishes.  Chinese tend to “stretch” meat a great deal via the use of sauces like plum sauces and hoisin sauce.  You can find some of the best spices in the world, including nuoc nam, a kind of sauce made from fermented fish guts, mixed with lime and lime juice and salt—native to Thailand—here  


Chinese in particular believe that physical, emotional, and mental health is determined by proper flow of ones' chi or life force.  Improper flow of chi can cause all sorts of physical complaints, from muscle pains to menstrual cramps and female emotional difficulties to digestive problems.  In fact, when you go to visit a chiropractor, that is what he is doing—manipulating your chi.  Chiropractor—get it?  Likewise an acupuncturist or accupressurist will try to manipulate your chi and alter its flow via the use of needles or pressure points. 


Chinese also believed that beryl crystals, such as the ones we sell here  could create a calmness in people, a peace of mind and a gentle state of thinking—an good state of mind that came from an okayness with oneself.  They believed that beryl could reawaken the sex drives of a long married couple.  They kept it or displayed it in their homes.




Now we can't guarantee that to be the case with our beryl crystals, and this product is NOT approved by the FDA nor is it recommended to cure or treat ANY disease—if you have emotional issues, a good therapist with whom you are sympatico can be very, very helpful, and if you have physical medical issues, modern medical treatment including medications (and eating healthy, nourishing food, getting plenty of healing rest and good, deep sleep) is the way to go. 


But these crystals are lovely, and the patterns of light refracted in them are beautiful and wonderfully intricate—and they shine so bright and so white that they'd brighten up almost any home.  They catch the sun wonderfully and give a room a deep, golden warmth.




Chinese believe that health, both physical and mental, is an overall condition, rather than a freedom from specific ailments or symptoms.  This is different from the Western idea of health, but it might definitely be a viewpoint worth checking out.


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