Our beryl crystal and rock crystal specimens come from the Xue Bao Ding mountain, in Sichuan province, China. Our suppliers weave their way through difficult freezing passes, up and up twisting treacherous snow and ice covered mountain paths until they reach the caves above 4200 meters. There, they enter the deep, dark caverns - the hollows, the cracks in the rock barely big enough for a small man to stand up in. Once there, they carefully search for the beryl crystals under other rocks and in the cave floor.

Separating the beryl crystals or rock crystals from the strata beneath is painstaking, backbreaking work. It requires patience, perseverance and careful, methodical work to avoid damaging the crystal deposits. Once the crystals have been extracted, they must be loaded into a suitable transport vehicle and taken down the mountain to the towns below to be sold and distributed there.

rock crystal cluster with terminal The cleaves are pure, unadulterated but for the iron, leached up over hundreds of thousands of years, through the mountains into the crystallizing quartz. Some of them have a pale yellowish hue, while others have hints of gentle blue.

Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Egyptian folk medicine holds that these crystals have healing properties - that they help restore balance to the "vibrational energy" system of the vital organs, and that they have a restorative quality to the "natural circadian clock" of the heart, liver, lungs, and spleen.*

Our beryl crystal and rock crystal items are marked with shipping weight. Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have about our crystal specimens. We place ourselves at your service.

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