Chinese snuff bottle are something very unique to Chinese history. Although other cultures like British uses similar accessories for their snuff, Chinese snuff bottle is by far the most artistic, curious and expensive.

Snuff - smokeless tobacco - came to China during the Qing Dynasty. Snuff was widely used by middle and upper class males in the 19th century. It was thought to be a curative against colds, grippes and dyspepsia. To offer a guest a pinch of snuff was to welcome him as a fellow and a friend.

square dragon inside painted snuff bottle Chinese snuff bottles were made of all kinds of materials from precious stones to coral to glass and porcelain. Most of the snuff bottles made from precious stones were carved to present the textures and natural beauty of the stones. Other Chinese snuff bottles made of porcelain and glass are usually painted with traditional Chinese watercolor paintings.

We specialize in supplying modern painted snuff bottle made of glass. These snuff bottles are amazing examples of "inside reverse painted" snuff bottles. Essentially, the artisan manipulates a tiny brush through the neck of the bottle, painting the bottle on the inside, to be viewed through the frosty glass on the outside.

The paints used in these inside painted snuff bottle are Chinese water color pigment based paints mixed with acid. The acid helps the paint to adhere to glasses. It also prevents the colors pained on the inside wall of the snuff bottles from fading.

Our bottles are decorated with cheerful, dark-eyed pandas and divine, powerful peacocks. Bottle scenes depict mighty Akhal-Teke "blood-sweating" horses and determined, industrious carp.

In Qing China, the foremost crafters created snuff bottles that had a sweet, delicious tactual solidity. Our bottles are exquisite examples of that sensual touch-ability.

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We offer a bonus gift, such as a cloisonne enamel powder box, or a pair of cloisonne enamel Christmas bells with any order over $39.99.

Buy a Chinese inside painted snuff bottle for a good friend of yours and fill it with snuff on his birthday. He will buy you beers in return.